Are Shrimp Cockroaches of the Sea?

Shrimp are called the cockroaches of the sea because both shrimp and cockroaches are scavengers and detritivores. This means that they both consume dead organic matter. Shrimps feed on the garbage of the sea while cockroaches feed on land waste. Is this a good enough reason for why shrimp are called cockroaches of the sea or sea cockroaches?

Do you know what the most common seafood in the world is? It’s shrimp! And do you know what the most common insect in the world is? Cockroaches! Believe it or not, there are a lot of similarities and differences between these two creatures. 

In this blog post, let’s first take a look at the similarities between shrimp and cockroaches. Then, after that we will take a look at the differences between shrimp and cockroaches. Lastly, we have frequently asked questions about shrimp and cockroaches. And then you can decide, are shrimp really cockroaches of the sea?

Similarities Between Shrimp and Cockroach

– Shrimp and Cockroaches both Have An Exoskeleton

Shrimp are a crustacean, and like all crustaceans, they have a hard exoskeleton. This means that they can’t grow very big, which is why you don’t see them as often as you do other types of seafood. Cockroaches also have an exoskeleton, which is why they’re often compared to shrimp. This means that they both have a hard outer shell that protects their internal organs. The exoskeleton also helps them to move around and defend themselves.

– Shrimp and Cockroaches both are Arthropods

Both shrimp and cockroaches are in the same phylum, which is Arthropoda. This phylum includes a variety of animals with jointed legs, including insects, spiders, and crustaceans. So why are they so different? Well, while they’re both arthropods, cockroaches are in the order Blattodea, while shrimp are in the order Decapoda. This means that they have different ancestors, and over time, they’ve evolved to become quite different creatures.

– Shrimp and Cockroaches both have Jointed Legs

Jointed legs are important for animals because they allow them to move around and defend themselves. Because they are arthropods, this means that they have jointed legs, which is a characteristic of the phylum Arthropoda. The number of legs varies depending on the species, but most shrimp have five pairs of legs, while most cockroaches have six.

– Shrimps and Cockroaches both have Antennae

Both shrimp and cockroaches use their antennae for a variety of purposes, including sensing their surroundings and communicating with other members of their species. They also use them to find food and avoid predators

– Shrimp and Cockroaches are both Ectothermic

 This means that their body temperature is regulated by the environment, rather than by their own metabolism. So, if it’s cold outside, they’ll get colder, and if it’s hot outside, they’ll get hotter.

So that is how shrimp and cockroaches are related to each other. Shrimp and cockroaches may seem like strange bedfellows, but as it turns out, they share a surprising number of similarities. Both creatures are remarkably adaptable, able to thrive in a variety of environments. They are also both incredibly resilient, capable of surviving even the harshest conditions. What’s more, these two creatures have both been around for millions of years, proving that they are well-equipped to handle whatever the world throws at them. So what can we learn from these seemingly disparate animals? Quite simply, resilience and adaptability are key to survival in today’s ever-changing world. If you want your business to thrive, you need to be prepared to face any challenge head on and adjust.

Have you ever wondered what the differences are between shrimp and cockroaches? If so, you’re not alone! These two creatures have a lot in common, but there are also some key differences. Keep reading to learn more about these fascinating creatures!

Differences between Shrimp and Cockroach

– Cockroaches are Nocturnal Creatures while Shrimp are Diurnal.

Nocturnal animals are those that are most active during the night. This is an adaptation that allows them to avoid the heat of the day and predators that may be active during the daytime. In contrast to nocturnal animals, which are active at night and sleep during the day, a diurnal animal is one that is active during the day and sleeps at night.

– Shrimp are Marine Animals while Cockroaches are Terrestrial Animals

Shrimp live in salt and fresh water while cockroaches live on land. However, there are some species of cockroach that can live in water for a short period of time.

– Shrimp have Gills and Cockroaches have Lungs. 

Gills allow shrimp to breathe underwater while lungs allow cockroaches to breathe on land.

– Cockroaches are Dirty and can Spread Disease, while Shrimp are Healthy and Delicious

– Cockroaches can Survive for a Month without Food, while Shrimp will Die within a Week

– Cockroaches can Jump Up to Two Feet High, while Shrimp cannot Jump at all

– Cockroaches have Six Legs, while Shrimp have Ten

– Shrimp come in many Different Colors, including Pink and Orange, while Cockroaches are typically Brown or Black

Cockroaches may have a bad reputation, but shrimp are pretty amazing creatures too. They both have their own unique benefits and uses that we should appreciate. Hopefully this post has helped you to see the good in both of these animals and learn something new about them. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Shrimps and Cockroaches

Are Cockroaches and Shrimp in the Same Family?

No, cockroaches and shrimp are not in the same family. Cockroaches are in the family Blattidae, while shrimp are in the family Penaeidae. This means that they have different parents, and as a result, they’ve evolved to become quite different creatures.

How Long Do Cockroaches and Shrimp Live?

The average lifespan of a shrimp is about two years while the average lifespan of a cockroach is about one year. However, there are some species of cockroach that can live up to six years. 

Cockroaches vs. Shrimp: Which is Harder to Kill?

If you’re looking for a hard-to-kill pet, either a cockroach or a shrimp would be a good choice. Both of these creatures have an exoskeleton, which means they can withstand quite a bit of abuse. In fact, cockroaches are known to be able to survive nuclear explosions! Cockroaches are known to be able to survive nuclear explosions, while shrimp have a softer exoskeleton, making them more vulnerable to predators. So, overall, cockroaches are a little bit harder to kill than shrimp.


If you’re like most people, you probably have a strong opinion about shrimp and cockroaches. You may think that they are completely different animals, or that they share some similarities but also have major differences. In the above, we explored the similarities and differences between shrimp and cockroaches. Now what do you think? Are shrimp cockroaches of the sea?

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